Conservative America – Black Racism, White Victimhood, Hypersensitive Police

From @thenation on Twitter.

Governor Faubus (center) speaking at an anti-integration rally in Arkansas in 1959, a woman holding up a Confederate flag stands in the background. (Library of Congress)

September 4, 1958: Arkansas Governor Calls Out the National Guard to Prevent Public School Integration @thenation

The Nation’s article brings to the surface for me something I’ve seen happening for years. In fact, it was around many decades ago.

‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people’ has become government of the people by pressure groups for the benefit of minorities. ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ has been shortened to just plain ‘Give me.’

Kenneth W. Sollitt, “Freedom Under God”, Faith and Freedom, September 1951, 8 – 11

There are those that would bury our racist past and create a new and wonderful future for us. They are tired of living their lives under the burden of belief that Black folks are basking in an aura of special advantage. “They” don’t deserve it. “They” are the product of a liberal / progressive / socialist government, a government not of god or the bible; a government that has created the entitlement and welfare culture conservatives so loathe.

Police Victimized By Unjust Killing Of Unarmed Citizens

We now have a capability unique in history. We have citizen photojournalists recording unjust and illegal killings of unarmed citizens by Law Enforcement on the streets of the United States of America.

The conservative response to these incidents, and the necessary citizen backlash (I refer to non-violent activism), is to label the victims as criminals bearing predetermined guilt, the police as the true victims who are ostensibly incapable of committing such offenses, and the activists as police hating, white hating, thug racists. Anyone see those white folks matching in solidarity with blacks? If you believe Fox News, we are in the midst of a brewing racist armageddon against whites.

White is the new Black, or If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Be Them

Conservatives declared racism ended with Obama’s election. That fallacy at once emboldens conservatives and triggers the epiphany that they have long suffered racism and discrimination at the hands of evil government and those racist Blacks.

See the upcoming Monty Python reunion production for the details of this reasoning. You may be interested in the results of this Google search: “whites suffer more racism than blacks”.

There isn’t only racism at play in this, however. Power, politics, and money are top motivators of those who proselytize that peculiar madness. While there are some tried and true race haters among whites, I suspect there are many more whose anger is stoked by talking heads and the media.

The benefactors of this new racial rage are the plutocrats that gain financially and politically from the sociopolitical change their expanding white victim class might catalyze.


Conservative Netizens Mock Suggestion of Sale Of First Lady Into Sex Slavery

From @RawStory.

ISIS: ‘Michelle Obama is worth $40 as a sex slave,’ and Twitter conservatives react exactly as expected.

They would claim to be patriotic. Yet they spit racist, sexist hatred at our Nation’s First Lady. They do not merely disrespect the position and the person. This isn’t about ISIS, or sex slaves. Nor is it about political disagreement. At this level of hatred, politics is no longer a reason underlying anger. Politics is the conduit for deep seated racism.

What they are doing is expressing the centuries old belief that certain groups have no value as persons.

We have a hard won right to free speech, and this is how some choose to exercise it.