The Right To Life – The Right To Live

3-Year-Old Finds Grandpa’s Gun, Fatally Shoots 9-Year-Old Sister In The Head

A 9-year-old girl was accidentally fatally shot in the head by her 3-year-old brother Saturday afternoon in Irondale, Alabama. The child found an unsecured loaded weapon then unintentionally fired the fatal shot while the two were playing.

The Right To Live

At what point did we become comfortable with the life of a child being cut short because a perceived unfettered right to possess firearms is given greater worth than that life?

Many would rail at the inference that families of slain children put their guns before their children. As would I, were it not for the fact that I’ve never seen a victim’s family speak out for child proofing firearms. I’ve never seen such a family publicly admit their terrible error, their negligence in keeping firearms accessible to children.

The tacit position of gun proponents is that the lives of children are less important than their own selfish desires. Were we not speaking of lives, children’s lives, I would wish these heartless, self righteous proponents of free flowing arms their do.

Gun violence is a public safety issue, not one of personal rights.